Session Notes - 062610

Maxwell runs through forest cutting down two worgs with hand axes on the way.

As Maxwell emerges with orcs in toe he finds a sudden well of speed left and clears the fields to the manor gate.

Derryth levies a arrow down to a long stretch of pitch the englfs several orcs in flames.

About this time Ras accumulates the forces of luminescence, bringing forth extra light from the ambiance.

The Maxwell closes the gates as a small band of reckless orcs follow him to the gates. He climbs the wall and cascades down back on the orcs. His blade glimmering through there unwitting corpses.

As the main force of orcs is being rallied Derryth levels a arrow direct to the chest of the main orc leader. Almost un-phased the orc leader pushes through the severe chest wound.

All throughout the clammer of chaos Ras continues to chant eldritch tongues to gather the light. All of a sudden the surrounding are filled with a baleful glare. Unnatural blue light permeates the surroundings.

this is as far as I got for the moment…..

Session Notes - 062610

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