Session Notes - 061110

Notes: Derryth – late twenty, ring mail, sturdy clothes, bearded ax, quiver and bow, long hair tied back in a knot, scruffy, steal gray eyes

Valeran (Ras) – tall and hawkish man with brown hair green eye, grey clothes and cloak with ornate cloak pin. Most distinctively Ras is missing his right hand replaced with a steal prosthetic.

Maxwell – Half/Varou man. Looks more human than Varou. His body covered in in dense dusty brown fur, slightly extended snout/nose and mouth, short claws and wolf like legs.

Session opens with Maxwell riding on boat to Dragon Spine. Max is part of the Thorn 100 being challenged by house Sondirra for the right of Dragon Spine Island. In route a strong rain storm hits the boats giving cover for their assailants. The galleys are quickly attacked by an orc assault party. Maxwell’s boat is immediately embroiled in fighting. Outnumbered and surrounded Maxwell bursts through the crowd after felling several orcs and scrambles up the main mast of the ship. Maxwell taunted his would be pursuers egging them on to cut down the mast to kill him. As they play into Maxwell’s hands he sways the failing mast directly (with a mighty roar) into the orcs vessel. Unable to hold onto the mast it crashes in the ship Maxwell hits the water and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Derryth and Ras (Falaran) are traveling through the Verdan Forest visiting place or power. Derryth is acting as Ras’ guide as he is a Ranger of Haywick and familiar with the Old Way.

Derryth finds tracks of huge animal and we keep alert investigating it presence.

Comes to White Cliff, old ruin over looking water, has strange static fresh feel to the area.

Met Gerryl Tailor, the Lord of Greengate

Character tracking 6/6 stress 6 fate

armor gaining aspect: Fearful of Magic

hand axes (11) 3 on hand torches ( )

Session Notes - 061110

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