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The Defense of Greengate

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As twilight falls, Maxwell has led the enraged orcs on a chase to the edge of Greengate. Derryth lights the pitch in the fields with a well-placed arrow, setting a few orcs aflame and forcing the rest into a path leading directly to the manor house gates.

Maxwell urges the orcs onward and makes for the wall. Meanwhile, Derryth hits the apparent leader of the orcs with a pair of arrows, and Falaran casts a spell which increases the ambient light. Undeterred, The orcs press onward, eager to take their plunder and raze this village to the ground.

After a brief flurry of fighting the orcs break through the gate, but are stopped in their tracks when Falaran summons a fierce light. The defenders press their advantage and rush forward, attacking the blinded orcs. Several of the raiders, including their leader, fall amid a flurry of blows. However, the advantage gained by the defenders is brief. The orcs appear to be recovering and are nearly ready to make a renewed assault on the manor. There are still too many.

Seemingly coalescing from shadows, the Dire Bear appears and assails the orcs, tearing into them and sending the few survivors scattering. The defenders turn their attention to this new threat, and—after a furious battle—the tainted beast is brought down by Derryth.

After the battle, the mage Falaran reveals something of his past to Maxwell and Derryth, including the hand that bears the marks of corruption….

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