century ago, the kingdom of Andaria was nearly destroyed by war. The passing of the young king swept the land into conflict as rival houses battled for the throne. Eventually, as armies fell and alliances merged and shifted, each house swore fealty to one of two powerful houses, and the battle lines were drawn anew. The War for Succession raged, killing thousands, and plunging the kingdom into despair.

After years of this, the Council of Twelve, followers of Brenwynn, announced that their goddess had called for an end to the conflict. They prophesied her appearance on the harvest moon.

Indeed, Brenwynn did appear to the rulers of each of the two warring houses, demanding that the conflict be resolved. She dictated that each house would select 100 of its warriors and send them to Pellion field at the heart of the kingdom. The Trial by Battle was fought, and the victorious army won the right of ascension for their leader.

Thus was the king crowned, and the Convenant of the 100 became the law of the land.

Today, tensions among the houses are rising. The aging king is soon to pass, leaving his throne to a son whom few respect. The kingdom is embroiled in disputes, scheming, and the clash of faith and magic. Meanwhile, at the fringes of the kingdom various threats are mounting. The wolf-like Varou have made fresh incursions along the southern borders, and some say that the Varou clans are united for the first time in memory. The orcs constantly harass shipping in the northern waters and occasionally conduct raids ashore. The dwarves of Stonehold have cut off the supply of the much-prized metal adamantine until the Andarian government agrees to the terms of an exorbitant new trade agreement, and the elves of Fellborne refuse to deliver trade goods through Stonehold until the dispute is resolved.

Peace is a fragile thing. Will Andaria plunge once again into all-out war?


Friday, October 29 – 7:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM ET


07/04/2010 New wiki entries for orcs, the Dire Bear and Dire Wolf, plus NPC summaries for Duke Jerl Thayer and Owain the Scholar.
06/08/2010 New wiki entry: The Council of Twelve has defined the course of Andaria for the last century. Their leadership has brought a century of relative peace, but it has also created fissures in Andarian society.
06/06/2010 The history of the world (or, more specifically, of Andaria) is complete. Check out the newest entry: the Modern Age.
06/01/2010 More Wiki entries! Care for a history lesson? Check out the Lost Age, Age of Darkness, and Age of Renewal. I’ve also added info on the elite and ever-present Andarian Militia.

The 100

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