Session Notes - 082110

Falaran discovered interesting rumors about the Augur visiting town. Apparently she was detaining every forester who entered the city in the keep. The augur was also having private nightly dinners at the Boar’s Tooth. A semi-seedy tavern in what passed for the “bad” part of the city. Falaran went to tell the rumer’s to the rest of the party. Who then concocted a plan. Assuming the Augurs had powerfull divinations, great care was taken to hide Derryth from their all seeing eyes, Mainly dressing him in servant clothing.

On the way to the inn Maxwell was confronted by three Redguard’s of the augur. Who were alarmed by his unique herritage. Hostile word’s were exchanged until Falaran defused the situation without bloodshed. The group continued on.

Derryth had a word with his father on the wind, bypassing the locked doors and heavy stone walls of the keep. The head forester had admitted to killing the Heir to the throne, Prince Sondirra. He begged his son, Derryth to leave him to his fate, to not intervene. But Derryth had promised his mother he would stop this travesty.

Shortly after the wind-sending. The augur traced the group down to the inn they lived in. Falaran cast short lived but potent magick’s of invisibility around Derryth to make sure he can escape even an Augur’s sight. He slipped out the window and took up a shadowed spot to watch the inn from. The augur called for the group and Falaran with Maxwell went to meet her. He attempted to cast defensive magic’s against divinations around himself but did not have the training to do so. When they meet the Augur she read him and maxwell both like an open book.

She insisted that the head forester was guilty of the crime, seeing it in one of her visions. She insisted despite Falaran’s best attempts that he be taken to “justice”. However he was able to convince her to let the other foresters free. She also dropped a subtle hint about “alternative” methods to resolve the situation, that Derryth later picked up.

She also examined Falaran and inquired about his right hand. When he commented that he’s sure he would find a cure, she said that was impossible. Her visions told her that she saw despair in his future, not his, but others. When she left they exchanged names, Her’s was Lydia Aeron of Haywick.

Session Notes - 082110

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