Session Notes - 070910

After the backlash Falaran went to Derryth for protection and was almost seized by the tainted slime. As he reached the ranger Derryth noticed that the smile was coming after Falaran and hoisted him up on his shoulders and over the wall, getting covered with the vile living substance himself. Falaran used his life magic to repel the slime from Derryth and him. Derryth then Reached into the surrounding plant-life and made a living wall between them and the slime.

Maxwell lit a torch and rushed over to the pair, Snatching Derryth up and leaping to the top of the wall. The dry ground at the bottom of the ruins caught fire and burned hungrily as the band took shelter on the 9 foot high wall. All of the slime burned in the intense heat, fed not only by the dry tinder but by the ambient magic of the place. Afterwards Falaran and Derryth examined the ley-nexus and determined that while the corruption had been burned away, more was seeping in from somewhere to the south, along the line. Maxwell found the ruined remains of his shield, and Derryth lost his bow to the flames.

Later they decided to rest, though only maxwell slept. Both Derryth and Falaran stayed up, one worried about what might occur if he fell asleep after such a backlash, the other about the beast. Derryth noticed Falaran’s iris’s had turned a dark shade of purple. In the morning they decided to head to white cliff and check up upon both the ley-nexus and the orcs, both Derryth and Falaran having a bad feeling. White cliff was fine, however there were only a few orc’s at the ships and no sign of the other raiding party. Concerned about stranding the orcs and what should happen if they die. The party decided to leave the ships be for the moment.

They arrived in green-gate and Maxwell acquired a shield from the duke, A simple and battle worn affair with the hay-wick symbol. The gave the duke the news, and Derryth gave the remains of the girl that had been taken by the bear to her family. The duke gave them horses to speed their message along, However the horses were scared of Maxwell, and even more so of Falaran. Derryth managed to calm the beasts done and they went on their way.

They came across the town of Nalford and stayed in the inn for the night, Falaran bought a new cloak for maxwell, and was abit irate when he found the broach on his old one damaged. The party moved on to Mordon and passed through the city gates unmolested.

Upon arrival Derryth immediately went to his father’s house, while Falaran went to find a place to stay and stable their horses. Derryth’s father was not there but his mother was, and she gave him the distressing news that his father was being kept in the haywick keep and even Lord Haywick was not allowed to leave. Some militia had arrived earlier with an Augur. Sadly that was all she knew. Derryth introduced Maxwell to his mother and while aghast at first, she accepted him after her son explained the situation. Then she invited them to stay for dinner.

Falaran procured a room in the best inn he could find and stables for the horses, But shortly after heard rumers in the inn of the same information. Socializing with the people in the Inn he had hoped to get some of them to spill information they wouldnt normally talked about (+3 result) then left to apply his trade of wheeling and dealing, increasing the weight of his coin purse.

Session Notes - 070910

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