The Ardanian orcs are a naRace orction of seagoing raiders who occupy the floating tangle of broken ships and haphazardly constructed buildings known as Wastewater to the north of Ardania. For the most part, they live entirely at sea. Some say that they used to be human, but that the hard years of the Age of Darkness twisted them through the generations.

The orcs have a fleet of ugly, heavily armed vessels. They conduct raids on merchant ships along the trade routes in order to gather supplies and scraps for their growing city. They also often go ashore in northern Andaria, raiding towns and villages. The people of Andaria have been frustrated by the inability of the Andarian Militia to deal with them.

Orcish society is based on strength through victory. Each “Captain” operates semi-independently, with successful raids elevating their degree of influence and the amount of plunder they are entitled to.

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