Narrative - A field of bone

Felt the scene deserved abit of narration, Dunno why. Cant exactly right a journal in the interim so a little flavorful recap will do. Just wanted to write. In my head this is what happened :-P

Derryth and Ras were busy studying the magic of the area. Maxwell stood far back, trying to ignore the tingling in his bones, Just weariness from the journey. A smell foul even in this place wafted across his noise, and he turned left just intime to dodge a leaping warg. It’s fur was wet and matted, but what wasdisturbing about it was the jaw, which split the cheeks in twain like a peverse flower as it leapt towards him. As it flew past he barked out a warning to the other two and kicked at it, sending it stumbling into a wall.

Derryth flew into action and raised his bow, letting out 5 arrows as he spotted more of the abominations coming from the woods. 1 missed, but the other four found their marks and the minions of the beast died where they stood. Ras chanted and laid his hand on derryth’s back, a transparent blue armor formed around him. With white runes on the pauldrons and chest. Derryth ran off to assist Maxwell with his beast, positioning himself on a wall. As he was about to strike when maxwell screamed and Swung with his axe. Goring the creature and sending it’s black blood spraying out.

Derryth spotted 3 more closing in from the forest and let off a shot, the arrow going wide. As the creatured closed in Ras thrust his left arm forward and cried out. A radiant beam of searing blue light came at the creatures, but it was no more successful than the arrow and burned a molten line across one the pillers. As the lead Warg jumped at Derryth his eyes went wide. Just in time to see maxwell rush forward and meet it with shield in hand, A hard metallic clang sounded and he took a quick step forward and swung his axe. Destroying the dazed creatures head. The second warg tried to flank him but using his momentum he spun and knocked it aside with the flat of the weapon. It stood back up and shrugged off the blow. it had just enough time to see it’s companions head rolling away from it’s body. It let out a all to human sounding scream as the large axe descended, then silence reigned once more.

Derryth noticed the light in the area was getting brighter by the moment. He turned to Ras and saw the mage surrounded by a radiant blue glow. He was sweating and had a concerned look on his face as he chanted. After a few moment’s it had become painfull to look in his direction and he could feel the heat radiating off it. Maxwell muttered curse and began to slip behind one of the remaining stone pillers.

Ras tried to cut the spell off from the leyline franticly, cursing at his short sightedness. In the heat of battle he had forgotton completely about the ambient magic. A situation against which his master warned him again and again. Now his simple little light spell was going to cook him alive. As he felt the light and heat begin to burn his flesh he screamed and closed his eyes. It was no good, he had to. He raised his right hand he slashed it across the air. He could almost feel the magic scream as the blighted energy harshly severed the spell from it’s power source. Almost instantly, he knew he had made a grave mistake.

The light suddenly turned a sickly mix of bright radiant blue and dark purplish hew that seemed to more absorb luminance than emit it. The ground shook slightly and Derryth could almost make out an oddly modulated screech at the very edge of his hearing as the fabric of the wild spell was rent asunder. The two dark energies blended and fed off each-other. a wave of unearthly power not quite of the beast, and not quite of the other radiated outwards, Then the world went black.

Ras fell at the backlash of the spell and laid there for a moment. His right arm throbbed horribly and he heard a squishy liquid noise in the background. Pushing himself to his feet he couldn’t keep the panic out of his voice, What had he unleashed? “Maxwell, Derryth, RUN!”

Narrative - A field of bone

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