Journal - Falaran Neverian - Log 2

Falaran entered then settled his pack against one wall. After a moment he drew the shutters closed and locked the door. He walked over to the pack and took out the book and fountain pen. He really had to have someone take it apart and figure exactly how to make one some day, but for now he couldn’t live without it. Thank Brenwyn he decided to take a few things from the tower before he left. He opened the journal to the latest page and began to write

Entry 7
I met a interesting old man today. His name was (G-something) and he was quite informative. He had a hobbyists interest in magic and provided us with a suprising bit of news about the haywick ley-lines. Apparently one-by-one they are activating. After we both mulled over a map I was able to produce of the Ley-lines of the country we determined that all of the lines were intersecting a very potent line originating from the Andarian heartland.

Tomorrow we will go investigate the beasts lair. Derryth speaks of the girl that was taken weeks ago. Though I doubt she lives. In truth, I actually hope she is dead. Death may be a preferable fate to what these creatures can do to a man, let alone a child.

Entry 8
We have, investigated the beasts lair. It turns out be another ley-nexus. Like white-cliff but by far it’s lesser. Bones were lying everywhere, It reminded me of the plague at Malumin. I offered to lay protective enchantments over Derryth and Maxwel but the ranger simply walked off and the big lug would have none of it. When we reached the Heart of the nexus We could feel it’s taint. Shortly after we were attacked by wolf life creatures. I think they were twisted by this beast. After the battle A lgiht spell I had cast earlier was disrupted by the corruption of the nexus-heart and the energy started to feedback on itself. I had no choice but to do it again or be incinerated by my own wild magic. The power unleashed reacted immediately with the corrupted essence and the entire spell grounded out. Im reluctant to tell Derryth or Maxwell of it, but at the crescendo of the backlash As I used that dark power to sever the spell. for the first time I could almost see the energies. One was old, so old, and absolutely dark. The other was the more disturbing. It felt like everything I held most dear had been turned against me, It felt ancient, potent, and utterly twisted. But the worst part is, it felt familiar. Like returning home after a long trip, or an old friend seen once more. Even now Im having a hard time keeping the tasteless trail rations Derryth provided down. To continue on before my mind begins to wonder down those Dark corridors. The backlashed turned the light spell into one of utter darkness, and It animated the blood of the wolf things we fought. The blood seemed to go for me in specific, I suspect the lingering energies from the spell backlash attracted them. Derryth saved me though, and Maxwell burned the dry ground with a torch and destroyed the tainted blood. We discovered the ley-nexus’s courruption was seeping in from a source southwards along the line.

Entry 9
We have went to white-cliff again, and checked on the orcs. They seem to have left their ships with nothing but a skeleten crew behind, I cant help but wonder where the other raiding party is. We will head to Greengate to obtain horses, then Onto the capital. They need to know of the rising beast.

I have figured out a way to conceal the corruption of my hand. I will craft a magical ring to hide it. Im no artificer and no illusionist, so I will need the proper sympathetic materials, and a few other things. But If I can constantly feed enough power into the ring, It wont matter if half of it uselessly leaks back out. While I dislike wasting magic in such a way. It is the best chance I have so far. I need the following items.

1: A amount of material of sufficient hardness to be carved into a ring. It needs to have a dark taint upon it so it can be tied into the dark power of the hand, or the illusion wont take.

2: A gem of sufficient quality to contain the necessary enchantment, This should be the easiest to obtain. It needs to be powered, but If I feed some of my natural magical capacity into it that should suffice, It will reduce me in power while wearing it. But that’s a price im willing to pay.

3: A secondary material to anoint the inscribing, Preferably liquid or powder that can be mixed with a liquid. It does not need to be dark in nature, but does need to be magical or linked to the arcane in some manner.

4: A willing ring maker. Once again this shouldn’t be too hard to obtain with sufficient monetary compensation.

Entry 10
We have arrived in a village Derryth insists is the trade hub of haywick. I am not sure what to believe, If the druid is hazing the foreigner or If haywick really is as desolated as the jokes claim. I bought a new cloak for maxwell, and got my old one back. Though his scent seems to linger about it. The broach is damaged by a nasty scrach right down the middle. I will give him an ear full about that later. Another disturbing thing came up, When the duke gave us horses I attempted to mount one and it bolted screaming. I at first thought it was unusually skittish, but after the other horses should similier fear the realiy of the situation became clear. Animals are afraid of me. I cant explain why, but it hurts on some level, or I feel betrayed, I dont know. I know it’s stupid the feel this way about a horse. But back when I was a child Mother always told me that animals can sense the bad things, murderer’s, brigands, rapists, demons, and the like. I’m, Not like that. The only person ive ever hurt was that scumbag who tried to force himself upon a young women I knew after the ball. “Excepting a few bruises and scrapes me and Ragg’s gave each-other on occasion, I still mis the bastard. I hope he’s okay”.

Entry 11
We have arrived in Mordon, The largest “city” In haywick. I have settled on a decision. Haywick really is as backwards and destitute as the jokes claim. I have gotten an half-way acceptable inn and stabled our horses. In the common Room I heard that The head forester and lord haywick have been confined in the keep, and an augur has arrived with the Andarian Militia. Im not sure what political games are afoot, but im eager to keep out of them. I don’t want to even chance being recognized by anyone, at-least until Ive gotten my “problem” under control. As I was looking in the mirror to clean up my face I noticed my eye colour had changed. It used to be green, now it’s a unnatural dark purple. I think it may have occurred during the spell backlash, but im not sure. However I do know, it may make producing the ring more complicated if I have to weave a full body illusion. I think I understand it now, The rot progresses or physical changes ensue every time I use that dark power. I simply must refrain from it’s use. Then It should work out alright.

Journal - Falaran Neverian - Log 2

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