Dire Bear

Dire bear corrupted The Dire Bear is a corrupted creature not seen in Andaria for two centuries. Tainted by magic, it is much larger and stronger than a normal bear, and its body is riddled with bone-like deformities and twisted flesh.

Recently, rumors arose of Dire Bear sightings near the village of Greengate. A woman reported that a massive bear had taken away her child, and a Forester went missing after setting out to track the beast. Responding to these reports and the threat of an imminent Orc raid, the party managed to bait and slay the creature. Derryth Bearach, after piercing its hide with many arrows, felled it with a mighty slash of his axe.

The creature stood a third larger than a tall man at the shoulders. It’s fur was brown, and it’s narrow eyes an unnatural yellow. One of its front legs and paw was misshapen. Elsewhere on its flanks there were black, bone-like protuberances. Derryth took its head as evidence of the corrupting magic that had begun to excerpt its influence on Haywick. Perhaps this creature is a portend of dark forces at work.

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Dire Bear

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