Worship of the goddess Brenwynn is observed across most of Andaria. The practice migrated to Andaria with refugees from the great famine at the beginning of the Modern Age, displacing worship of the old gods. Her will is carried out by the Council of Twelve and their Augurs.

Brenwynn is closely associated with ravens, which are viewed as harbingers of her will. It is said that a raven guided the flotilla of refugees across the tumultuous western ocean to their new home in Andaria. She is viewed as a loving but stern goddess, always keeping the best interests of her “children” at heart.

Brenwynn appeared simultaneously to the leaders of Sondirra and Drakyn during the War for Succession in order to enact the Covenant of the 100. It is said that she took the form of a woman with long, dark hair in a blood-red gown, accompanied by a large raven. Her form shifted even as the startled members of the noble courts looked upon her, wavering between incredible beauty and a shadowy shape that was both terrifying and impossible to comprehend.

The appearance of Brenwynn, the many years of relative prosperity and peace following the end of the War for Succession, and the ever-present involvement of the Twelve and their Augurs have reinforced the devotion of the majority of Andaria’s citizens. However, some still cling to the old ways and the old gods.

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