Augurs function primarily as the enforcement and judicial arm of the Council of Twelve. They are always human females, selected in their youth and trained methodically for years across an array of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. Only the best are chosen from among the initiates to serve as Augurs.


The Augurs, as direct representatives of The Twelve tasked with carrying out the will of Brenwynn, have absolute authority across Ardania. Their will cannot be superseded except by one of the Twelve. In fact, not even the King can act against the ruling of an Augur. An Augur may make arrests (or in a hurry perform an execution), and may declare a Trial by Battle to resolve a dispute between nobles. They are the officiators of a Trial by Battle, and may make rulings on the outcome. Finally, the Augurs serve as battlefield commanders for the Andarian Militia.

Augurs are accompanied by a squad drawn from the Milita. Augurs and their company wear tabards emblazoned with the mark of a Raven, and are typically heavily armed and armored.

Augurs fulfill their duties until the age of forty, after which they are granted estates for their retirement. Many notable Augurs have ascended to serve on the Council of Twelve.


Augurs are keenly intelligent and fierce combatants. They have an uncanny ability to divine future events and past misdeeds, although the clarity of these divinations can vary. Augurs often study the flight of Ravens as an aid in interpreting the will of Brenwynn. They are feared and respected across the land. A typical Andarian who sees an Augur will quickly head the other direction, lest all their sins be laid bare.

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