Andarian Militia

The Andarian Militia operates under the direction of the Council of Twelve and their Augurs, although it also functions ostensibly at the pleasure of the king. It was formed following the enaction of the Covenant of 100 as the individual houses were restricted from mustering any force over 100 men. Its defined function is to provide for the common defense of Andaria. Members of the militia are ever-present across the kingdom, serving every role from city guard to expeditionary combatant.

MilitiaContingents of the militia are stationed in strategic locations and can be assembled as necessary to shield against external threats and internal strife. Militia recruitment, training, equipment and provisions are supported by goods and taxes from each house.

Many argue that the Militia is currently undermanned and spread too thin, and that any concerted attack across Andaria would be difficult to defend against. There is some grumbling that they have been all but useless against the recent Varou incursions in the south and orc raids in the north. Some also argue that the militia should march against the Stonehold to secure the adamantine and trade route currently cut off by the dwarves.

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Andarian Militia

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