Age of Renewal


The Age of Renewal is a centuries-long span in which humans, elves, dwarves and other races slowly restored their civilizations following the Age of Darkness. Communities were formed, trade established, and the discovery of art, science and magic began anew. Explorers set out across the land and over the seas, many of them finding their way to Andaria. Here, life was flourishing despite the proximity to the Starfall. The forests were dense, the seas rich with life, and the game abundant.

Humans colonized the northwest corner of Andaria, spreading east and south over time. The elves arrived and made their homes within the epicenter of the Starfall, now called Fellborne, where the soil was rich and the rain plentiful. The dwarves, meanwhile, founded Stonehold and began processing the shattered remnants of the fallen star. Even today, these shards are smelted to produce the superior metal adamantine.

The Varou also arrived, or were born as legend would have it, during the Age of Renewal. They ranged within the wildness of the Evermere, always at odds with their human neighbors.


Andaria during this age was a place of deep and powerful magic. Within every tree, every stone, every stream, magic abided. Andarians lived in close affinity with the land, never taking more than it could support. They communed with the old gods and passed their faith through the generations. They constructed libraries for magical and spiritual research, and they mapped the ley lines that criss-crossed the land. At the intersections of these lines they built ley nodes, centers for magical training and empowerment.



This burgeoning civilization was tested with the manifestation of the old god Myrrdin and his minions upon the land. Myrrdin had usurped his fellow gods, who had distanced themselves from the daily affairs of man. Myrrdin sought to reestablish the Age of Darkness, and his armies of foul beasts and tainted men poured like a dark flood across Andaria. The war against the rebel god threatened to undo all that had been gained.

Myrrdin was finally defeated in the battle of Whisper Creek. The hero Elian, who has since been immortalized in legend, drove a dagger into the heart of the rebel god only moments before his own death. To this day, the truth behind how Elian managed to slay an immortal being is a mystery; the poets and minstrels have their theories.

Though they eventually proved victorious against Myrrdin, the Andarian’s civilization was left in ruins. Nevertheless, the end of the war ushered in the Modern Age.

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Age of Renewal

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