Maxwell Vornack

Varou/Human half breed mercenary


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  • Cursed to be the Sole Survivor (on three occasions Maxwell was the sole survivor of horribly bloody conflicts)
  • Speed of the rapacious wolf
  • Knife’s Edge of Control and Rage
  • Half Varou abomination
  • Slayer of great beasts
  • Mercenary to the highest bidder of the Andarian Heartland
  • Fearful of Magic

Possible Future Aspects

  • Witherfang shall drink the hearts of countless Varou
    (avenge the death of Hormass Vornack, discover who killed Hormass [currently assumes killed by Varou], raise the resources to destroy the assailant, kill them, return Witherfang to Hormass’ famiily)


Solo Combo
For a fate point the player may perform a maneuver and attack in the same exchange generating Heroic Spin instead of overflow.

The character’s metabolism is vastly accelerated, but at a cost. During combat, a character can pay a Fate point to double their Athletics skill: this incurs a Minor Physical consequence due to the extreme energy burn.

Military Training (Melee Weapons)
Requires an appropriate occupation aspect (Warrior, Soldier, etc)
You know exactly where to place your blows for maximum effect, gaining a +1 damage bonus.

Shield Training (Melee Weapons)
The character has trained extensively with shields. This stunt is required to be able to use shields properly. First, the stunt allows your shield to give you a defence bonus instead of an armour bonus, and to accept a Minor or Major consequence for you (like armour). Second, when taking a full defence or block action, your shield acts as an aspect. Third, if you obtain spin on a Melee Weapons attack when fighting an opponent with a shield, his shield doesn’t benefit him at all, including any benefits he might normally gain from this stunt.

Weapon of Destiny (Melee Weapons)
Requires an aspect referring to the weapon by name. The character has a signature weapon well-known in certain circles, with a name and a long, chequered history. It has a tendency to be always near at hand, even when circumstances conspire against it. If you’d normally need a Fate point to ensure it’s nearby, you can do so for free; if it would be
normally impossible to access it, you can spend a Fate point to get access to it anyway. Once the Fate point is spent, the Story Teller doesn’t have to furnish the weapon immediately, but must work to bend circumstances to make it available in short order. So, you can’t be deprived of the weapon for long unless you voluntarily give it up or pass it to another. The weapon has the Craftsmanship improvement (see page 142), giving it a +1 bonus; plus one other improvement selected using the guidelines on page 141.


  • Great: Melee Weapons
  • Good: Athletics, Alertness, Endurance
  • Fair: Fists, Might, Resolve, Intimidation
  • Average: Leadership, Artificer, Stealth, Investigation, Sleight of Hand, Gambling, +1

One point reserved


Witherfang +1 Die (Bastard Sword) +3 / +4 Damage 10 Great (Athletics OR Might page 160) May be used one- or two-handed (Upgrade: Witherfang bites deeper into Varou flesh, giving a +2 bonus against Varou)

Light Armour (leather cuirass) – 0 armour bonus 15 lbs Great (cost) Absorbs 1 Minor consequence Minor Consequence – Torn

Steel Shield (Small Shield) 1 defense bonus, 3 lbs Fair (cost) Absorbs 1 Minor consequence +1 Defence
Aspects: Lightweight, Manoeuvrable



6 feet 2 inches tall
Covered in dense hair/light fur
Slightly protruded jaw with large incisor teeth
Hands have short sharp claws
Feet more wolflike than human
Does no enjoy long conversations, jaw line is less inclined for human speech formations


Maxwell’s family was slaughtered by a Varou (or so he was told) war party and his mother raped as the only survivor. After giving birth to Maxwell she took her own life at the shame of having bared an abomination, an Andarian Varou half breed. Maxwell was taken in as a slave by Captain Hormass, a guard captain in the Andarian militia. Eventually Maxwell proved more useful as a man at arms than a simple servant. Hormass trained Maxwell to be his bodyguard for extended deployments in the Evermere forest.

During a logging venture into the Evermere forest Hormass sent Maxwell back up the Sanguine river to check on the status of the lumber transports. On his way down river Maxwell spotted the rafts resting on the banks of the river. Maxwell approached the rafts only to find the banks running red with the spilt blood of Andarians; however, there were no bodies to found. Realizing that they were attacked by a Varou war band, Maxwell sprinted back to the main logging encampment.

Bursting into the clearing Maxwell could only just make out flitting shadows disappearing into the denser Evermere woods. Panicked, Maxwell rushed through the camp searching for Hormass. When he found Hormas he was still bleeding out of a gashed throat. Hormass tried to utter something but could only gurgle on his own life essence. He reached out with his sword (Witherfang) toward Maxwell and gasped his last breath.

Maxwell could not believe that Hormass was defeated. He was known as wolf slayer and had killed more Varou (or so the stories went) than any other soldier in the Drakyn militia. Terrified and bewildered, Maxwell took up Witherfang and vanished hoping that his heritage could at least give him flight to live.

Knowing he would only be blamed for Hormass’ and the loggers’ deaths, Maxwell wondered out of the woods and away from Drakyn lands. Aimlessly, Maxwell wondered without provisions until he finally collapsed 8 days later along a road side. Eventually he awakened to the site of the inside of a swaying wagon. A Hennebury merchant band had picked him off the road side and nursed him back to health. As thanks for saving his life, and because he did not know what else to do, Maxwell offered up his services as a caravan guard.

Maxwell quickly earned himself a reputation as a ferocious protector. Often when a band of bandits had been scattered he would chase them down and slay them as they charged for the deserts. On one such occasion Maxwell had hunted down fleeing bandits only to be lead back to their main lair. Tearing through their ranks viciously Maxwell found himself locked into battle with the bandit’s leader, Haggard the Scorned Wind. Being equals in armed combat their duel dragged on for hours. At the last of their fight one of Haggard minions threw a spear at Maxwell, only for him to deftly leap above allowing the spear careen at Haggard. In the same moment that Haggard batted the spear aside Maxwell came down from his leap cleaving Haggard down to bone.

As Maxwell traveled back he remembered how Haggard had been a constant thorn in the side of the Hennebury merchants. When Maxwell crested the hill back to the caravan he only found the empty carcasses of wagons and merchants. Again, he had survived as if cursed to be the last of anyone he knew.

After exhausting his last coin at the Gilded Foxhead Inn, Maxwell overhead that house Thorn was hiring the best men to be the ‘100’ for a coming battle. Maxwell flashed the shield he had taken from Haggard the Scorned Wind, bearing his insignia, and asked where the best warriors could be hired to create victory.

The battle took place on the southern tip of the constantly controversial Dragons Spine Island. The ‘100’ battle of Thorn and Sondirra appeared to be just as any before it. Troops lined up to do battle and the presiding priest blessed the match to begin. Through battle field courage or blind rage, Maxwell spearheaded the assault into the Sondirra lines. Just as he was turning the tide of the battle the ground beneath him exploded into rock, ash and fire flinging Maxwell into bitter cold waters beneath.

Disoriented and hurt, Maxwell drifted across the sea for one day into the coastline of Haywick inside the Verdan Forest. Beleaguered and still filled with yesterday’s battle haze Maxwell stumbled through the forest and came across his foes…

Maxwell Vornack

The 100 vanillared