Falaran Minoras Neverian


(Oh, as for the picture. it’s the closest I could find. That, but currently wearing common clothing and with long black hair.)

Apprentice Arcanist.
—Invoke: Magic, magical knowledge, the occult.
—Compell: Apprenticeship incomplete. fluffing a spell, etc.

All a man has is family.
—Invoke: When protecting a family or children, dealing with family related people. etc
—Compell: A family has issues and he Has to help, etc

I will NOT let go.
—Invoke: Holding on, determination, resolve.
—Compell: Obsession, stubbornness,

It’ll all be fine…
—Invoke: Improving the situation, reassuring someone.
—Compell: You dont get a better line than that to invite misfortune. Idealism can lead you down the wrong path at times.

Heir of house Neverian
—Invoke: His nobility, ediquitte, knowledge of the houses, etc.
—Compell: I couldn’t sleep all night, the bed wasn’t silk lined. Complaining at the wrong time, abit spoiled. Problems with his house or rivals.

Iron fist, thin velvet glove.
—Invoke: Social, Threats, Attacking.
—Compell: Losing your cool. Missing hand

Fate, She’s a real bitch.
—Invoke: Good luck, strange but beneficial coincidence, arriving at just the right time.
—Compell: bad or strange luck. Arriving just too late to do anything.

Grasp of the kindly ones
—Invoke: Lots of things.
—Compell: Limited only by the gm’s or players imagination.

Future aspect:
The House of Locusts
*Fix what lead to my self exile or hide it so it cannot be easily detected.
*Gather power and allies.
*Prevent Alston Neverian from destroying the house or turning House Neverian into what it once was.

-4 Resolve
-4 Warding
-3 Vitamancy (Life)
-3 Lumomancy (Elementalism: Light)
-3 rapport
-2 Academics
-2 Fists
-2 Resources
-1 Science
-1 Intimidation
-1 Endurance
-1 Leadership

Resolve: Inner Strength
Resolve: Still standing
Science: Healer
Life: Major Healing.
Create: Element
Magic: Multicast

Refresh: 4
Physical stress: 6
Composure stress: 7


Falaran Minoras Neverian

The 100 kytanos