Derryth Bearach


+4 Great: Survival
+3 Good: Ranged Weapons, Power of Nature, Power of Weather
+2 Fair: Alertness, Stealth, Melee, Athletics
+1 Average: Resolve, Investigate, Endurance, Empathy, Science, Artificer

Tracker (Survival)
Trick Shot (Ranged Weapons)
Stormbringer (Weather)
Draw Power (Nature)
Quickfire (Power)

Fate Points: 6

Aspect #1: Child of the Breaking Storm—Born during terrible storm (Power Aspect)
Invoke to:
Sense changing weather, influence the weather, sense the wind and it’s impact on flight/drift
Compel to:
Have weather influence his mood, seem primal or strange to more civilized folk
Aspect #2: Son of Meadoc, Haywick’s Head Forester
Invoke to:
Increase chances in wilderness settings for foraging, sneaking etc… To command respect from commoners, enforce forest laws, improve chances when dealing with those who like his father
Compel to:
Make it more difficult for him to operate in a town or city, When someone speaks poorly of Haywick or it’s nobles, make dealing with those who dislike his father difficult
Aspect #3: Lived a simple but hard life
Invoke to:
Endure hardship, resist monetary and other rewards/temptations, connect with those of similar background.
Compel to:
Loose patience with those who complain about comforts, to be out of place in sophisticated company
Aspect #4: Defender of the Old Ways (Power Aspect)
Invoke to:
when using nature, creature, or weather powers, defending the lands from those who would exploit/destroy them
Compel to:
Make him pursue those who hurt the land, Speak out against those who advocate exploiting land/resources
Aspect #5: I will remain vigilant for the Beast’s return and defeat it and it’s minions (future aspect)
Invoke to:
Determine signs of the beast’s return, sense the Beast’s minions, influence those who believe in the Beast
Compel to:
Speak of the beast’s return when not appropriate, seem superstitious to those who don’t believe in the Beast of the old ways.
Aspect #6: Consummate hunter, goes for the kill
Invoke to: To hit a specific/vital area with ranged weapons. To find a good coup de’ grace in a situation. To determine the most direct path. Press when he smells blood.
Compel to: Take the most direct path when its not the best path, tempt him to deliver a biting remark at inappropriate times. Press when he smells blood, but it would be unwise.
Aspect #7: Slayer of Hrograth the Red (or other suitable orc raider warlord name)
Invoke to: Understand orc raiding tactics, When fighting orcs, to impress on someone his credentials as a warrior/archer…
Compel to: When orcs fight him, he’s a trophy kill. Be dismissed by those who play down the orc raids. To assume the raiders will follow usual tactics.
Aspect #8: Floating Aspect (TBD)
Invoke to: TBD
Compel to: TBD

Bearded Axe
Ring Mail

Adventure Advancement
Adventure #1: Stunt Quickfire (but unused may change)
Adventure #2: +1 Fate Point so Base 11 – 5 Stunts = 6 Available


Derryth Bearach

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