Duke Jerl Thayer

Lord of Greengate


Duke Jerl Thayer is a minor noble of Haywick. His holdings consist of the hamlet of Greengate and the rugged northern Verdan Forest. He is cousin to Lord Haywick.

The Thayer family once held their own House, but they swore fealty to House Haywick during the War for Succession. Since that time, the Thayers have managed minor holdings within Haywick. The Duke’s brother, Artimus Thayer, currently administers the mining village of Careeg on the flanks of the Drake Mountains.

Jerl Thayer is generally seen as a benevolent but not particularly adept ruler. Greengate has fallen on hard times of late with several poor harvests. His only heir is his young granddaughter Alicia, which leaves the succession of his holdings in doubt.

Decades ago, Jerl Thayer fought with House Haywick’s 100 during a Trial by Battle against House Thorn. This was the only Trial by Battle in which House Haywick has ever participated.


Duke Jerl Thayer

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