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Bone and Blood

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Creature dire wolf

The group returns to Greengate and investigate the corpse of the felled Dire Bear. As Derryth studies the corpse and takes its head as proof of the corruption, Maxwell harangues the Duke for payment for his services. The negotiations do not go well. Luckily, Falaran intervenes and appeases Maxwell (for the moment) with promises of future payments.

The addled scholar Owain describes his research and the emergence of powerful magic along the ley lines. He estimates that the source of the magic lies somewhere in the heart of Andaria. Despite the obvious signs of corruption, the old man insists that it is impossible to determine whether this magic wellspring is something to be feared or welcomed.

The adventurers set out to follow the Dire Bear’s trail and ensure that there are no survivors of previous attacks. The path takes them into the heart of the Verdan Forest to the ruins of an ancient ley node. There, they find the scattered remains of humans and animals. Both Derryth and Falaran sense the flow of corrupting magic into the node through the ley lines.

As night settles over the ruins, the party is attacked by deformed wolves. They manage to defeat the beasts in a brief, grim battle, but Falaran’s use of magic sets of a chain reaction. His light spell flares brightly and is replaced with all-consuming darkness. The foul blood of the Dire Wolves stirs….

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