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The Heart of Haywick

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The tainted blood of the dead Dire Wolves flows towards Falaran. Derryth hoists the young mage up on his shoulders, allowing him to climb to the top of a wall at the edge of the ruins. However, the black pool of blood creeps up Derryth and over his arm, seemingly intent on reaching Falaran.

The mage uses a life spell to repel the blood, but the respite seems temporary at best. Maxwell springs forward, snatches Deryth by the collar, and scampers to the top of the wall. There, Derryth summons the plants to form a wall between the group and the creeping mass of blood. Maxwell tosses a torch into the greenery, and the blood is burned in an intense fire spurred on by the latent magic of the node.

Falaran and Derryth examine the area and determine that the corruption in the ruins seems to have abated, but the source of that corruption was still active—with a wellspring of dark magic perhaps to the south east.

Maxwell realizes that his prized shield had been lost amid the flames, as was Derryth’s bow.

The group suffers through a cold, sleepless night. They set out the next morning to determine the current status of the orc raiders. They find a pair of orc ships and no sign of the raiding party, and decide that an attack against the orcs would be too risky and that matters are more pressing elsewhere.

The group returns to Greengate and consults briefly with the Duke. The obtain a new shield for Maxwell and some horses for the trip south. After two days of (awkward) travel they arrive at the erstwhile capital of Haywick.

The residents of Mordon seem skittish, and Derryth’s mother provides distressing news: an Augur and a contingent of militia arrived several days earlier and took Derryth’s father into custody. He and Lord Haywick are apparently held within the keep, guarded by the Augur and her “Black Cloaks”.

It seems that the out-of-the-way lands of Haywick have somehow captured the attention of the Council….

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Bone and Blood
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The group returns to Greengate and investigate the corpse of the felled Dire Bear. As Derryth studies the corpse and takes its head as proof of the corruption, Maxwell harangues the Duke for payment for his services. The negotiations do not go well. Luckily, Falaran intervenes and appeases Maxwell (for the moment) with promises of future payments.

The addled scholar Owain describes his research and the emergence of powerful magic along the ley lines. He estimates that the source of the magic lies somewhere in the heart of Andaria. Despite the obvious signs of corruption, the old man insists that it is impossible to determine whether this magic wellspring is something to be feared or welcomed.

The adventurers set out to follow the Dire Bear’s trail and ensure that there are no survivors of previous attacks. The path takes them into the heart of the Verdan Forest to the ruins of an ancient ley node. There, they find the scattered remains of humans and animals. Both Derryth and Falaran sense the flow of corrupting magic into the node through the ley lines.

As night settles over the ruins, the party is attacked by deformed wolves. They manage to defeat the beasts in a brief, grim battle, but Falaran’s use of magic sets of a chain reaction. His light spell flares brightly and is replaced with all-consuming darkness. The foul blood of the Dire Wolves stirs….

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The Defense of Greengate
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As twilight falls, Maxwell has led the enraged orcs on a chase to the edge of Greengate. Derryth lights the pitch in the fields with a well-placed arrow, setting a few orcs aflame and forcing the rest into a path leading directly to the manor house gates.

Maxwell urges the orcs onward and makes for the wall. Meanwhile, Derryth hits the apparent leader of the orcs with a pair of arrows, and Falaran casts a spell which increases the ambient light. Undeterred, The orcs press onward, eager to take their plunder and raze this village to the ground.

After a brief flurry of fighting the orcs break through the gate, but are stopped in their tracks when Falaran summons a fierce light. The defenders press their advantage and rush forward, attacking the blinded orcs. Several of the raiders, including their leader, fall amid a flurry of blows. However, the advantage gained by the defenders is brief. The orcs appear to be recovering and are nearly ready to make a renewed assault on the manor. There are still too many.

Seemingly coalescing from shadows, the Dire Bear appears and assails the orcs, tearing into them and sending the few survivors scattering. The defenders turn their attention to this new threat, and—after a furious battle—the tainted beast is brought down by Derryth.

After the battle, the mage Falaran reveals something of his past to Maxwell and Derryth, including the hand that bears the marks of corruption….

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Meetings and Portents

Title meetings and portends

ForestThe Forester Derryth Bearach is guiding the mage Falaran Minoras Neverian through the Verdan forest in Haywick. They encounter a dazed Half-Varou, Maxwell Vornack, who had barely escaped from an orc raid at sea.

After Maxwell has time to recuperate from his near-drowning, the group sets out and explores the Ley Node ruins at White Cliff. There they encounter the strange sensations of emergent power: tingling, a buzzing in the ear, and—for Derryth—voices that speak of darkness and rebirth.

They also spot orcish ships anchored in the bay below, and the trail of a large, disfigured beast. Derryth correlates the tracks to the rumors of a Dire Bear, a creature not seen in Andaria in at least two centuries. Realizing that the nearby village of Greengate is under threat from both this creature and a potential orc raid, they hastily set out in the hopes of mustering some sort of defense.

They arrive at Greengate, a hamlet at the edge of the Verdan forest. They speak to Duke Jerl Thayer and convince him to prepare for an attack. The group works to assemble the defenses of the ill-equipped village as best they can.

Meanwhile, Falaran realizes that the dark magic that has tainted his disfigured hand is perhaps connected to the powers that have corrupted the bear. He conducts a ceremony to reinforce this connection and set the wheels of fate in motion. If the villagers cannot defend themselves against a party of seasoned orcish raiders, perhaps the presence of a tainted beast can even the odds.

Maxwell boldly sets out to draw the raiders to the village to give the defenders the advantage of selecting the time and place of battle. He encounters the orc raiding party deep in the forest, sinks an axe into a lone sentry to draw the attention of the others, and prepares himself for the chase….

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